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Convincing − both technologically

and economically.

Whether simple repairs or complete
fittings of new engines: we know how!

Extensive service spectrum

From inspections and repairs through new installations and commissioning to governor service

MWB Power covers a wide range of services, which comprises not only stationary and mobile repairs to engines and drive systems but also retrofit measures, new installations, LNG retrofits, the treatment of operating fluids and a global governor service.

All services stand for quality and reliability with high efficiency and cost-effectiveness. In addition, we, as engine specialists, are particularly committed to environment and marine protection. We do everything in our power to act as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible, even beyond the legal requirements.

A responsible technical project manager is in charge of each project – from the first customer talks to cost calculation to delivery and invoicing. This “one-face-to-the-customer” principle guarantees smooth communication between the client and the contractor as well as within the entire team.

Excerpt from our portfolio:

Governor Service

Woodward governor service
for engines and turbine applications

Your number for emergency service:
Phone +49 471 9450 224

Your contact person:
Martin Machner

Phone +49 471 9450 243
E-Mail woodward@mwb.ag

Services at a glance:

  • Worldwide service on ships and fixed equipment
  • Authorised workshop with 3 testing beds
  • Sale of new equipment and spare parts for engines and turbines
  • Mechanical/hydraulic replacement control units
  • Conversion of mechanical to electronic control


Maintenance, repair and sale:
MWB Power has 50 years of experience in the governor service business. We provide global service with qualified service technicians for troubleshooting, overhauling, installation, replacements and repair of governors as well as retrofits on ships or stationary installations. With our qualified personnel we can offer service anywhere in the world. In our specialist workshop with three test benches, mechanical governors are repaired, checked and adjusted according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Short throughput times in the workshop ensure a rapid return of the devices.

As Woodward Business Partner (AISF Certificate), we can offer you not only spare parts for mechanical controls, but nearly the entire product range for engines and turbine plants as well. With our comprehensive spare parts store and with swift access to Woodward parts we can carry out repairs in the shortest possible time.

In addition, we can offer a replacement unit for common governor types. The exchange then takes place through our service engineers or through the crew on the ship or the plant. After the return of the old device we dismantle the governor to check all parts. Only the needed replacement parts are calculated. We offer this service for products of the manufacturers Woodward, Regulateurs Europa, Zexel/Kiki and Yanmar as well as for Russian products. We offer also spare parts for the manufacturers Regulateurs Europa, Zexel/Kiki and Yanmar.

Woodward engine systems for ships and fixed equipment

  • UG 8/10/15/40 – governors/actuators
  • UG MAS – governors
  • PGA 12/58/200/300/500 – governors
  • PGA-EG/PGG/PGG-EG – governors
  • SG/PSG – governors
  • 3161 – governors
  • UG 25+ – governors
  • EPG/Actuators 512/524 – 1712/1724 Systems
  • ProAct I/II/II/IV Systems Woodward injection technology

Woodward turbine systems

  • UG 8/10/15/40 – governors/actuators
  • TG – governors/actuators
  • PG-PL – governors/actuators
  • SG/PSG – governors
  • UG 25+ – governors
  • TM – actuators
  • Hydraulic amplifiers
  • CPC – converters

Woodward control systems for engines and turbines

  • 2301A/D /E – load sharing and speed control
  • 505-Series – steam turbine controllers
  • Atlas – control
  • MicroNet – control
  • Peak 150 – control
  • Protech – control
  • UG 25+ – governors
  • EPG/Actuators 512/524 – 1712/1724 Systems
  • ProAct I/II/II/IV Systems
  • 723/733 – Control

Repairs and spare part sales for the following manufacturers

  • Regulateurs Europa – 1102/1115/1104
  • Yanmar – NZ61
  • Zexel/Kiki – RHD 6/10
  • Other makes on request

Repair / Servicing / Maintenance

Up to any challenge

Our 24h hotline for diesel engine service:
+49 471 9450 444

Repair, servicing and maintenance include:

  • 2-stroke engines
  • 4-stroke engines
  • Gear units
  • Speed governors
  • Turbochargers
  • Injection systems


  • 20V 1163 TB 82
  • 20 V 956 TB 92, 16V 956 TB91
  • MD 871 um1-d
  • MD 872 and MD 872 D
  • 16 V 538 TB 92
  • MB 655
  • MB 820 SA 1 and MB 820 S 1
  • MB 835, 836, 839
  • 16 V 396 TB 84 and 16 V 396 TE 44
  • 8 V 396 TC 61 and 8 V 396 TB 61
  • 8 V 331 TC 71
  • All types 183


  • TB 12 all types
  • D226, D232
  • TBD 234, 601, 602
  • TBG 604
  • RHS and TRHS 518 all types
  • SBV 528 and 628

Perkins, Pielstick, Cummins

  • All types


  • 4-stroke: 20, 26, 32, 38, 46, 64
  • 2-stroke: RTA 48, 50, 52, 58, 62, 68, 72, 82, 84, 96 and RT flex series


  • All types, in particular S20 and ZAL 40


  • 4-stroke: 16/24, 23/30, 27/38, 28/32, D2866, 32/40, 40/45, 40/54, 48/60, 51/60, 58/64
  • 2-stroke: L and S types from 26MC to 98MC and ME


  • M20, 25, 32, 43 M281, 331, 332, 451, 452, 453, 551, 552, 601


  • All types, in particular JMS 312 GS – N.LC and VM 1500 GO 

ABB Turbocharger

  • Service partner

MWB Power is officially authorised by MTU for the repair and overhaul of all MTU gear units. We carry out repairs and overhauls on the following gear units:

  • KSS 60,KS 1320, KS 3030, KS 4018
  • KS 4120, KS 4070

In addition MWB Power repairs special gearboxes, such as:

  • KS 3030 umgls
  • ZF BW 800 A 20

  • Repair of all ZF gear units in close cooperation or on behalf of ZF Friedrichshafen in North Germany
  • Acquisition of the ZF assembly BW 800 and BW 900 and thus worldwide sales of gear units and spare parts


Emergency Service

24/07/365 Service

Your number for all emergency situations:
+49 175 24 (hours) 07 (days per week) 365 (days per year)

We are on stand-by since rapid intervention, particularly in acute emergencies, keeps the processes running while minimising the costs. For you, we mobilise whatever is needed in manpower and machines for such missions – at any time, day or night. Within our network of excellence, German Ship Repair supports us as a first-class partner for harbour repairs and global operations.


Fit for the future
We take care of all the tasks that are required as part of retrofit measures to engines and drive systems.

LNG retrofit and scrubber
As part of “Green Shipping” concepts, the retrofit to LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) plays a dominant role as an alternative fuel concept. Our unique experience with gas engines allows us, hand in hand with our Excellence Partner German Dry Docks, to implement solutions that absolutely convince – not only ecologically but also economically.

The same applies to the retrofitting with modern flue gas scrubbers. Our more than 60 years of experience in the motor and filter technology, together with the expertise of German Dry Docks, form the basis for future-oriented solutions.

Installation / Commissioning

Diesel and gas engines

In MWB Power you will also find a reliable service partner for the reinstallation of diesel and gas engines. We are optimally equipped for this task in every respect and will gladly offer you independent advice.

Treatment of operating fluids

We care more for your fuel system

Filtration, separation and drying of operating fluids
A safe, smooth and economic operation of your ship requires clean and high-quality fuel. As an expert for marine engines and components, MWB Power can offer you solutions for filtration, separation and drying of operating fluids, which are perfectly fitted to your engine type, fuel and emission requirements.

VARIO Automatic Filter System  
Our compact VARIO Filter System supports highly efficient, economical nonstop operation thanks to automatic fine- and micro-filtration, cleaning and separation of low-viscosity fluids. VARIO is the perfect solution for lubricating oils and fuels in diesel-powered workaholics like tugboats, supply vessels, coastguard vessels, research and navy ships as well as yachts. VARIO is an optimal alternative to centrifuges or purifiers.
Vario Gasoil Animation

COMPLUS Automatic Fuel Filter
Our effective COMPLUS Automatic Fuel Filter supports highly efficient, economical nonstop operations thanks to innovative self-cleaning filter technique and safe hydraulic-mechanical cleaning technology. COMPLUS is a perfect and cost-effective solution for huge piston engines and heavy fuel oil or gas oil-fired ocean giants like oil tankers, heavy-cargo vessels, container and passenger ships. The Fuel Filter is also distinguished by its compact design, simple handling and maintainability.
ComPlus Animation

VACUDRY Drying and Cleaning System
Water in hydraulic and lubricating oil systems not only reduces the service life of the hydraulic fluid, but also of the machine components and the entire system. VACUDRY is a new concept for detecting and removing water, consisting of a turbidity sensor and vacuum dryers. VACUDRY is the perfect solution for all ships with propulsion systems made by Schottel, Voith, Aquamaster, etc.

Your contacts

Services in the energy sector:

Cogeneration Plants (CHP)

CHP & Plant Service
Our services / solutions in the field of plant service

BHKW-Service Hotline:
+49 (0) 471 50477 - 277

Cogeneration Plants
The business area of combined heat and power units (CHP) represents a new era for MWB Power: as for now, we are premium sales and service partner of 2G Energy AG. With 2G, we have a partner at our side that enjoys an outstanding reputation in the business world as a pioneer, innovator and one of the leading manufacturers of power generation systems with combined heat and power. Combining our competencies and experience strengthens both companies and in practise also adds value to you as a customer. The cooperation ensures a high quality and comprehensive 24/07 service for maximum availability and efficiency of the CHP plants.